start with sentiment analysis

How to start with sentiment analysis.

Incremental development of sentiment analysis, and general interest in this topic caused a lot of business started to perceive it as an amazing tool to double their profits. Actually, it turned out to be true and companies more willingly use it to analyzing data. How you can use your internal database to gain more profits and create a great retail strat...

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sentiment in R

Sentiment analysis in R.

There are many ways to perform sentiment analysis in R, including external packages. Most of those common methods are based on dictionary lookups that allow to calculate sentiment based on static data.....

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sentiment analysis info

Some basics about sentiment analysis.

Sentiment analysis is a process of understanding and extracting information from text document. What is more, it easily determines if a piece of writing or even spoken language is positive, negative or neutral...

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where is the data

Where is data located ?

The fact is around 85% of data that is relevant to businesses is hidden in unstructured text sources like e-mails, social media, reviews and free-text surveys. What is more, conversations between users in applications and in call centers are worth to analyze too...

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