Need to extract structured information from unstructured text contents? This is solution for you!

Our web based Entity Extraction training tool allows you to create your own extraction models within minutes not hours!

Entity Extraction Model training tool

Simple wizard allows you creating your own models and use it directly in our Excel Add-In, Google Sheets add-on or programmatic api.

Simple steps

Upload your CSV or TXT file with some sample data,

Custom Entity Extraction data upload

Define entities that you want to extract from your documents,

Custom Entity Extraction tagging

Label sample data with your created entities,

Custom Entity Extraction training

Give your model a name and build it online.

custom model build parameters

Finally, use our Excel Add-In or Google Sheets add-on and click "Extract" option on selected text.

Excel Add-In

Custom Entity Extraction excel

Google Sheets add-on

Custom Entity Extraction Google Sheets

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