In-depth Analysis (AI)

Analyse in-house documents, emails, CRM or verbatim comments

Track customer satisfaction

Train document sentiment/ classification models with your own data to achieve over 90% accuracy

Implement content driven events in your organization

Set-up early warning and response triggers

Social Media/ Survey data

Analyse sentiment to your or your competitor's products

Analyse Twitter or Facebook comments in real-time to predict the trends

Validate NPS scores with the data gathered from your on-line surveys

Build powerful dashboards and reporting systems to track KPI's almost in real-time

Stay a step ahead of your competitors

Cloud computing

We use cloud services to deliver robust services to your organization

We ensure automated, scalable and secure platform...

So, you can focus on your business while we do our work

We deliver Restful API supporting popular industry-standard formats: JSON, XML

We provide full SLA if required