Who we are?

TEXT2DATA was originally started in 2014 as a Text Analytics SaaS startup in London. Our team has over 10 years of experience in software engineering and data analysis, with the exposure to Business Intelligence and Market Research industry.

Our mission is to deliver affordable, quality Text Analytics services to help the companies understand their customers better


It’s a widely accepted fact that around 80% of enterprise-relevant information originates from text-based, unstructured sources. Emails, social media, free-text survey questions and other sources hold massive, often untapped potential to dig deeper into customers’ experiences. Keeping track of this, and extracting useful customer experience information from it, is a growing challenge for many businesses.

In response to that challenge, we have created platform that uses NLP/ Deep Learning (Natural Language Processing) along with proprietary algorithms to deliver 100% cloud based text analytics services to your organization.

With the out of the box accuracy between 80-90% (compared to human average of about 80%), we can provide high quality text analytics solutions which can become a turnkey in your business.

Our text analytics services