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Incorporate advanced NLP, Machine Learning services into your daily work tool, no programming required!

Use it as a Real-Time Social Media Monitoring Tool for Twitter and Facebook data!

Simple steps

  • Download and install FREE Add-In*
Excel Add-In 64 bit [Excel 2010-2019 x64]
Excel Add-In 32 bit [Excel 2010-2019 x86]

If your Excel analysis pane won't open, please follow these steps

* unzip and run setup.exe
Current version [4.1.0] last update 2022-11-14
Windows only
  • Create free account and get your API key,
  • Start analysing data from Twitter, Facebook, Surveys... directly in Excel!

* requires Excel (64-bit/ 32-bit) 2010-2019

Quick videos

Excel Add-In

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