Google Sheets Add-on help

Google Sheets add-on | TEXT2DATA

Installation steps

Step one: Installing add-on and accepting permissions.

Go to the add-on page and then click the “Free” button. Our add-on will be installed in a few seconds. You will be taken to Google Sheets and you will be asked for accepting required permissions. Accept required permissions to be able to use our add-on

Step two: Providing your API Key and Secret.

Use navigation panel in Google Sheets and click Add Ons => TEXT2DATA. Then click “Service Credentials” and provide your API Key and API Secret. Once your API Key and API Secret is entered click “Save”.

Step three: Analysing your data.

Paste your text into Google Sheet and select the cells. Next, go to navigation panel and choose one of two analysis modes. After a few seconds your results will be displayed directly in the sheet.

Sentiment analysis in Google Sheets

Document classification in Google Sheets


1. My API credentials are incorrect.

Make sure your API Key and Secret are provided correctly. Go to ,then copy your API Key and provide it once again to “Service Credentials”. Just to be sure, update your API Secret too and provide it to “Service Credentials”.

2. Concept Analysis table doesn’t appear.

Run the analysis once again and wait five seconds. Sometimes, it may need some time due to your internet connection.

3. I have unchecked one of service settings but it still applied.

Check and uncheck it once again and wait around 5 seconds before running new analysis of you data. Same applies for every other service setting you want to check or uncheck. Add-on may need some time to save your preferences due to your internet connection.

4. My custom model doesn’t work.

Make sure you have set your custom model name correctly in add-on settings. For more information go to and click “API classification models”.

5. I have credits on my account but add-on displays "credits have been exceeded" message.

If you still own credits on your account but add-on reports your credits have been exceeded, this means you have exceeded your account daily limit. Further analysis will be possible in the next day or after updating your subscription plan.