Excel Add-In help

  • Once you install the Add-In, please open Excel and navigate to "TEXT2DATA" tab,
  • Make sure you have created free account in our service. When this is done, you should see your API key in your admin panel. If you want to use API secret, you can set it up as well,
  • Having API credentials created, navigate to Excel and update the data by clicking "Service Credentials" button,

Excel addin menu

  • To analyze the data, right click on cell selection and select "Analyze | TEXT2DATA" menu item,

Excel analysis menu

  • You can also use "Analyze Selection" button in top menu (as some other Excel add-ins may reset right click menu),
  • Clicking "Categorize Selection" button in top menu, will start quick document categorization process (without analyzing sentiment) - if no custom model name is specified (in service settings), the default user classification model will be used,
  • When clicking "Extract from Selection" button in top menu, the entity extraction process will start (without analyzing sentiment) - if no custom model name is specified (in service settings), the default user extraction model will be used,
  • During data processing, right action pane will open (you can dock it to any position you want),
  • Text content in each Excel cell is treated as a separate document and evaluated as such,
  • The better input text is formatted (properly placed commas, spaces between sentences etc.), the faster and more accurate analysis will be returned,

Excel addin analysis pane

  • When analysis is done, just use "Paste to selection" or "Copy to new Worksheet" buttons,
  • Additional option lets you create word cloud based on analysis results,
  • You can also generate summary statistics containing total sentiment counts, auto categories and user categories (if you have created custom classification models),
  • Sentiment colors can be customized in "Service Settings" options,
  • If you have pre-trained custom classification models, type it's name into "Custom model name" textbox under "Service Settings" - leave this field empty to use your default model if any is created,

Proxy error

Depending on your local network settings, you might get proxy related error when making requests.

In this situation, try using the Excel Add-In from different network or set the proxy settings. In order to do that, go to "Service settings' and click 'Proxy settings' link:

proxy settings

Problems opening analysis pane

In a situation when the Excel-Add-In is properly installed but after clicking analyze button, the analysis pane is not opening, please make sure the other Excel Add-Ins do not interfere with ours.

1. Make sure you have only one instance of Excel open.

2. Please go to "Excel => File => Options => Add-Ins" and click Manage Excel Add-Ins.

3. Disable all active Add-Ins.

4. Click OK.

5. Next, re-start the Excel.

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