Customer Satisfaction Comparison – Airbnb hosts.

  Airbnb – the online marketplace that lets people rent their properties to guests. It helps six million people to find a place to stay on holiday every single year. There are a lot of properties that you could rent for your holidays but how to choose the right one ? We have used our solution based on AI and NLP to reveal customer experience towards Airbnb’s hosts. We have chosen three hosts from Gran Canaria and analyzed reviews of theirs places. The places are: ‘Amazing Penthouse’, ‘Nice & Cozy Loft’ and the last one is ‘Penthouse with swimming pool’.

Generated report on Airbnb hosts in PowerBI.

Above you can find that report we have generated on the three hosts. It presents table that contains document texts and sentiment, positive and negative themes and entities. In general, more reviews are positive and in most of them guests admire the location, views and apartments.


One of guest who have stayed in ‘Amazing Penthouse’ does not like the area where the house is located. It is surrounded by broken houses and plantations covered with ugly plastic sheets. Another guest does not like the fact the house is full of flies. Another one guest perceive the penthouse as a terrible place to be. Among positive reviews of ‘Penthouse with swimming pool’ there are negatives too. One of the guest claims the host should provide more toilet rolls.

There are not any of negative reviews on ‘Nice & Cozy Loft’. All of the guests are satisfied with the service that the host provides. Guests like this place because of great location, good value for money and the fact host is friendly and really helpful.

Benefits of Customer Experience Reporting.

Our text analytics services allows to track customer satisfaction and thanks to integration with PowerBI or Tableau it is possible to generate reports that could help you to detect and prevent problems.

Customer satisfaction reporting allows to run the data analysis and generate reports under different contexts at the same time. Use our Excel Add-in, Google Sheets Add-on and Programmatic API to analyze and report user feedback data. Generating reports is possible in Tableau Software too.

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