Social Media Monitoring in Excel.

 Social media is a powerful collective of communications channels on the Internet. Everyday people spend hours on sharing of ideas, information and thoughts through this virtual network. It is definitely worth to track how people perceive your brand on the web. Control your company on social media as a Twitter or a Facebook using monitoring tool in Excel. Monitor social data in real-time directly in a spreadsheet and analyse its sentiment, entities, themes or keywords.

Analysing Twitter data in real-time

 Track your business competitors and get to know about theirs advantages and disadvantages. Use this knowledge to improve your brand. Keep an eye on them and always be one step ahead. Analyse and monitor marketplace to understand customers’ needs and improve your product according to theirs preferences. Get customer insights and reach those who are not satisfied with your product or brand. Search tweets that include specified phrases, hashtags or mentions. Search those already posted tweets and Facebook posts or search a data in real time and stay informed all the time. Create dynamic word clouds based on the current data flow.

social media monitoring in Excel

Analysing Facebook data in real-time.

 Stop wasting your time on copying and pasting tweets or Facebook posts and analysing them by your own. Let artificial intelligence do it for you. Go to, create a free account and start using social media monitoring tool for Excel.

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