Some basics about sentiment analysis.

 Sentiment analysis is a process of understanding and extracting information from text document. What is more, it easily determines if a piece of writing or even spoken language is positive, negative or neutral. During analysis, it uses a combination of natural language processing (NLP), text analysis and computational linguistics. Over the years, the demand for tools which are able to perform sentiment analysis has risen. It happened because we live in a world where people generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. Various types of data has become a heart and a soul of every company and our population understood that only reasonable and proper usage of it may generate benefits.

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Why sentiment analysis is so important ?

 Sentiment analysis is a reliable method to get to know what customers adore and what they hate in your company or product. You could have a huge database that contains important information from your social media, e-mails, surveys or customer service. Having a notion what customers think about your brand is essential but more important is how they feel about it. By using sentiment analysis you are able to discover and implement it.

 Using sentiment analysis you can uncover if there has been a change in perceiving your company and what is more, you can uncover what exactly works properly and what do not. Marketplace changes everyday and sometime it is really hard to keep up with it. Basing on sentiment analysis could be helpful to define your marketing strategy and bring more benefits in sales area. Sentiment analysis tool is an incredible way to improve your productivity and gain more profits.

How accurate is Sentiment Analysis?

 As a matter of fact, correct recognition of sentiment is tough even for human being. There are a lot of tricky sentences and phrases that people do not understand clearly. In average, people are accurate around 75 percent in recognition of sentiment. Well-prepared and trained tool is able to gain between from 80 to even 90 percent accuracy. The result of precision is astounding and what is more, the tool needs only a short period of time to perform the analysis.

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