Where is data located ?

 The fact is around 85% of data that is relevant to businesses is hidden in unstructured text sources like e-mails, social media, reviews and free-text surveys. What is more, conversations between users in applications and in call centers are worth to analyze too. Where should you dig to get a decent amount of data? Some people might say – everywhere but it does not work that way. So where ?

Social Media.

 Nowadays, companies’ activity is based on social media. The Internet is a powerful place to advertise a product and gain a bunch of customers. However, it is a place where that bunch of customers could write a review about a company or a product too. For the reviewers, leaving an opinion on the Internet is easier and safer than express it face to face. That is why, people do it with a pleasure. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many other sites contain valuable data you really need. Using sentiment analysis on social media, you could get unbelievable view of conversation that is happening around your company or a product.

Twitter sentiment engine

Research and analysis of marketplace.

 A powerful sentiment analysis tool is the best choice to explore a marketplace. It does not matter if you want to keep track of new, future trends or just get to know about unknown market. Sentiment analysis can be used in analyze your competitors and their products. Furthermore, the tool could deliver a lot of important data to generate reports.

Customer support.

 Satisfied customer is a returning customer but how to keep them on your side ? Customer experience is really important nowadays and a lot of companies try to invent the best method to keep customers’ satisfaction on the top.

The best method? Of course – a good customer support. Nowadays, customers willingly use customer support. They really like to contact the company via social media, e-mail or via phone call. They expect their experience with companies to be personal, intuitive and what is more, immediate. Sentiment analysis is useful to get insight into what is happening in your customer support. What is more, automated tool could run a sentiment analysis on all coming customers’ questions.

Free-text surveys.

 Surveys are still willingly used by businesses. It could deliver enormous package of customers’ reviews and notions about a company. Surveys are a great source and certainly one of reliable. Unfortunately, problem appears when it comes to analyze and interpret them. By using automated sentiment analysis tool company saves time on analyzing surveys and just after a short period of time receives detailed report about satisfaction - time is money.

where is the data

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