Customer Experience Comparison - Tour operators.

  Summer is coming and it is the best time to book a holiday. There are a lot of tour operators on marketplace but how to choose the right one ? Our solution is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) – we used text2data’s text analytics services to reveal customer satisfaction towards travel companies. We compared three tour operators (Thomas Cook, TUI UK and Virgin Holidays).

Downloading Twitter data and generating customer experience report in PowerBI.

We used Social Media Monitoring Tool for Excel to download current tweets about those three tour operators and to run sentiment analysis on them. In around 10 minutes we received 300 positive and negative tweets about the companies. We generated customer satisfaction report in PowerBI thanks to text2data’s Customer Experience Reporting integration with PowerBI. How to download Twitter data and generate customer experience report? – click here for more details.

Generated report on travel companies in PowerBI.

Below, you can find our quick report on Thomas Cook, TUI UK and Virgin Holidays customer satisfaction. The report contains only a small sample of the social data that we mined using our tool. It presents table that contains document text, stacked bar chart on sentiment, donut chart on themes, clustered bar chart on entities and line and stacked column chart on identifier’s sentiment. The report is fully interactive.

Benefits of Customer Experience Reporting.

The solution allows your company to track customer satisfaction and monitor social media and marketplace. Generating reports could help your company to detect and prevent problems before they happen. Analyze and understand your customers’ needs and improve your brand according to theirs preferences. Track your business competitors, get to know how customers perceive them and theirs products.

Customer Experience Reporting allows your employees to run the data analysis and generate reports under different context at the same time. Use our Excel Add-in, Google Sheets Add-on and Programmatic API to analyze and report user feedback data. Generating reports are possible in Tableau Software too.

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